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TKG Website and Hosting Provides Professionally Built Websites, Website Hosting and Domain Name Certification as an Extra Value to its Clients. Clients are 100% Satisfied!

Providing Quality Website Solutions For You

Every customer should have goals in mind when requesting for a website to be developed. The first question is “Why?” they need a website. There are different types of websites and it’s important for the customer to have clear goals of what is to be accomplished in the end. TKG Website and Hosting has over 15+ years of building both professional and personal websites for satisfied customers.

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What We Build

Building a Variety of Websites that Caters to Your Business. It’s That Simple.

Personal Blog

Personal or Business Blogging

Fully automated providing an easy solution for your customers to schedule appointments, reservations, rentals, ticket events and more.

Small Business

Small business websites that are professionally designed and affordable, providing visitors helpful information about you and your business.


E-Commerce Store

Selling products or services online? It’s easy to get started with an e-commerce professional who customizes your e-commerce website that connects to your online shoppers.

Booking Rental

Booking / Rental

Schedule appointments, reservations, rentals, schedule ticket events like concerts, wine tasting, tours, and more. Fully automated to save you time and money.

Real Estate

Real Estate

You’re a professional Realtor offering current and new clients the ability to look through available properties, sign-up, schedule an appointment or subscribe to your newsletter.

Charity Organization

Charity Organization

Providing a simple but effective visual design for accepting donations from donors using one of the many payment options.

Why Choose TKG?

Personable and Responsive

Responsive Designs

All designs are built for easy user navigation on any device including mobile phones, tablets, laptops or traditional desktop computers.

Custom Solutions

Custom web design solutions that represent your brand or personal website by integrating third-party services or a customized landing page.

Reliable Website Hosting

Reliable Website Hosting Need reliable website hosting? TKG Website and Hosting provides exceptional hosting that is dependable and high-performance

Monthly Maintenance

Providing top-notch maintenance for your existing website whether you are a new or current customer. I'm here to help keep your site updated and efficient!

Advance Technology

WordPress powers over 43% of all websites on the internet, from businesses and organizations, to bloggers and hobbyists. More than one in four websites are powered by WordPress CMS platform.

Web Hosting Support

Our ticket support system is available 24/7 answered by knowledgeable technicians for all of your hosting inquiries.


"Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He troubleshoots problems and gives options to solve. He is very flexible and can adapt well to changes in scope. I can not recommend him enough. I will definitely hire Eddie again!"
Brian K
"Eddie was able to get the job done and went out of his way to make sure that it was done successfully. He was able to do what a previous developer we hired was not able to do so this is a testament that he has years of experience and a true skill set."
Steve H.
Texas Real Estate Magazine
"Fantastic! He was able to make all of the critcal updates/edits quickly and even made a few suggestions for improvement. Communicated exactly what he was doing through the entire process. He's now working on our new site project."
John F
JMH Landscaping

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TKG Web Development and Hosting assist you through all phases of website design and website project development creating advanced and efficient websites.

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